Abut Me: My interest in computer gaming began in the 90's with the Warfare in the Age of Rifles and Civil War Generals series. I had spent a lot of time playing traditional "miniatures" and "board game" war games, but the disadvantage of these was the lack of hidden movement. You would generally know where all troops on the battlefield were and surprises that commonly occurred in real battles were rare. With computer games hidden movement was standard and added a great deal of excitement to a battle. I remember staring at the woods in an Age of Rifles game thinking "dare I attack - what's in there?" Suddenly I had more sympathy for the American Civil War General George McClellen - (in)famous for his generally cautious behavior.

In 2001 I got a computer powerful enough to play the latest 3D games, and became especially fond of Unreal. One of my favorite aspects of the game was it's user friendliness - I could change the game speed in the menu to something my "less than lightning" reflexes could handle without searching for cheat codes! I discovered the level editor and had fun making simple levels to test game play. Another game I enjoyed was the 3rd person Quake 3 engine Heavy Metal FAKK2, and after downloading and learning the editor began making levels for the community from 2002-2003.

I was working as a chemist at the time, but found I was spending more time with level editors than reading the latest chemical journals. With the forming of The Guildhall at SMU I decided that maybe a career change was in order. I joined the second class in January 2004, and after graduation worked at TimeGate Studios on the Fear expansion packs. Being a fan of good AI, working with FEAR was a lot of fun.

Visit the LEVELS page to see some of my favorite work.

Here is a video of combat in the Church Office, Level 2 Metastasis of FEAR Extraction Point. This and other videos of work I've done are on the LEVELS page.

Church Office Combat Windows Media (wmv) format 640x480, 24 MB, 3 minutes 50 seconds. Right click on the link or image to save the video, left click to download and play.

Combat in the final level of FEAR Perseus Mandate.